Solar Battery Backup System

Adding a solar battery backup system to your solar panels can make your home more efficient with more reliable electricity, throughout the year. Solar battery backup systems can also improve the savings generated by your system. Battery backup for solar will affect the initial cost of your installation, but the benefits are worth it in many cases. Learn how solar battery backup systems work and get a free solar installation estimate from Long Island Power Solutions today.

Battery Backup for Solar: The Basics

When you add battery backup for solar, you will enjoy two key benefits…

  • You can draw from the battery during peak hours when electricity rates are highest.
  • Your battery backup system can provide coverage if there’s an outage on the grid.

When your solar panels produce more than you consume, the excess can be stored in battery backup for solar before being exported to the grid. When your solar panels shut down in the evening, the battery backup for solar will kick in and you’ll use the stored energy before importing any from the grid.

In the simplest terms, a solar battery backup system ensures both reliability and affordability by making stored energy available when you need it the most.

Types of Solar Battery Backup Units

There are different types of solar battery backup units in the way that they are configured. There are three main ways that solar battery backup systems are set up for homes on Long Island.

  • In rare cases, homes can be completely off the grid with just panels and a solar battery backup system. This is typically only possible for homes that aren’t used all throughout the year, such as holiday homes or vacation rental properties.
  • One of the most common types of solar battery backup units is one where the system is connected to solar panels and the grid. The battery charges and is only deployed in emergencies or when solar production is particularly low.
  • Another popular type of solar battery backup unit is one that is configured to use battery backup when electricity rates are most expensive. The system can be configured to charge from the grid in the early hours of the morning when rates are lower.

The right system for you depends on your unique needs. Long Island solar battery backup installers will look at your usage history, the size of your home, the production potential of your panels, and your budget. At Long Island Power Solutions, we will recommend a system that suits your needs and your budget. We provide detailed cost/benefit analysis for every solar installation.

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How Much Does a Solar Battery Backup System Cost?

If you want to know “how much does a solar battery backup system cost” the answer is that it depends.

The size of the system, the way it will be used, and current prices for equipment all affect the installation cost. At Long Island Power Solutions, we enroll every customer into the SMART Solar Program to ensure that costs are managed and value is created over time. If you’re wondering “how much does a solar battery backup system cost”, the best thing to do is to contact us for your free estimate today.

Talk with the Most Experienced Long Island Solar Battery Installers

With the best Long Island solar battery backup installers you can get a fair price and the best solution. We design every system for reliability and cost savings. If a solar battery backup system isn’t right for you, then we won’t recommend one. If we find in our energy evaluation that a solar battery will save you money in the long term, or if you need one for emergency backup purposes, then we will ensure that the design is as cost-efficient as possible.

As the leading Long Island solar battery backup installers, you’ll get the best experience throughout the consultation and installation process.

Get your free ballpark solar estimate today, or contact us directly to begin the consultation process for solar panels and a solar battery backup system. With our expertise and the world’s best solar equipment, you can have more affordable electricity with reliability no matter what’s happening on the grid.

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