Installing Solar in Smithtown NY

What You Need to Know About Installing Smithtown Solar Panels

With a growing number of solar providers in the town of Smithtown, more families are considering the switch to green energy. Smithtown solar panels can make your home more efficient, and even more reliable with blackout protection when you install battery backup. If you’re thinking about having Smithtown solar panels installed, you’ll have a few questions needing answers. Can I get solar on my house in Smithtown NY? What is the solar cost in Smithtown NY? Is my home ready for solar?

Long Island Power Solutions is here to make the transition easy. Here’s everything you need to know about installing Smithtown solar panels.

Can I Finance My Solar Panels?

Solar panels can generate a strong return on investment. Month-to-month savings are significant even when considering the cost of financing a system.

With Long Island Power Solutions, financing Smithtown solar panels is a simple process. We split the financing into two manageable terms.

  • The initial term is interest-free with no money down for approved borrowers. It is based on your expected tax rebates and benefits. You can pay this loan in full at the rollover of the next tax year.
  • The remaining balance for your solar installation is applied to a loan with a term of your choosing. Through our finance partners, we offer low rates that are fixed throughout the term.

If you have good credit, you’ll have no issues securing finance for Smithtown solar panels.

What’s the Difference Between Solar Providers on Long Island?

There are several solar providers in the town of Smithtown, all competing for your business. Long Island Power Solutions has delivered solar to more than 5,000 homes and businesses in Long Island and New York City. We are the company that people trust when comparing solar providers in the Town of Smithtown.

We are your best choice when searching for solar providers in the Town of Smithtown, with key services and unique value points that will make long-term solar system ownership easy.

  • We provide detailed consultations without pushy sales pitches.
  • We are the most experienced solar roofers in Smithtown.
  • We work with leading solar brands including Enphase, LG, Sonnen, and others.
  • We offer 25-Years of warranty coverage for solar panel installations.

We will enroll you into our SMART Solar Program to help manage solar costs and maintenance throughout the lifetime of your system. There are no other solar providers in the town of Smithtown offering the same expertise or support that you will find at Long Island Power Solutions.

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What is the Solar Cost in Smithtown NY?

Solar cost in Smithtown NY will vary depending on the size of your system and how it works.

  • The total system size and number of panels is the main driver when calculating solar cost in Smithtown NY.
  • Battery backup can increase the base solar cost in Smithtown NY but will return strong value and reliability over time.
  • Solar cost in Smithtown NY is offset by government tax benefits and incentives, as well as reduced electric bills. Solar can also provide a return through a Net Metering agreement with your utility company.

Our customers often find that Smithtown solar panels are more affordable than expected. In the United States, solar homes usually recover the cost of investment within the first 8 years, but this can happen sooner depending on your energy usage patterns and the size and cost of your system.

We develop solar with a focus on value and a return for the homeowner.

What Information Will I Get in my Free Solar Estimate for Smithtown NY?

You can get a ballpark-free solar estimate for Smithtown NY. We use satellite data to determine solar production based on your roof and the position of surrounding shade structures and natural features.

Your free solar estimate for Smithtown NY will be followed up with a detailed consultation and an on-site inspection. We will measure your roof and analyze your property to give you a more accurate estimate than the free solar estimate for Smithtown NY. Our predictive modeling for solar production is accurate within +/- 10%.

A free solar estimate for Smithtown NY will be followed by a complete cost/benefit analysis. You’ll be able to tell, with supporting evidence, if solar is right for you.

We provide the information. You make the choice.

Can I Get Solar on My House in Smithtown NY?

You’ve got neighbors, family, and friends who have switched to solar. Now you’re wondering: can I get solar on my house in Smithtown NY? If your rooftop receives sunlight, then the answer is likely yes.

With our detailed estimates, inspections, and consultations, you’ll be able to determine if solar makes financial sense. We don’t push for installations if the savings aren’t there. If you’ve asked: can I get solar on my house in Smithtown NY, it’s time to talk to the experts.

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