A Booming Solar Industry is Supported by Nassau County Solar Incentives

America’s solar industry is booming, with strong demand for residential installations throughout the nation. Programs like Nassau County solar incentives are helping people to make the switch. There are incentives at the State and Federal levels if you’re looking to get solar power on Long Island.

U.S. Solar is Set for Another Boom – How it Affects Long Island Power Systems

Long Island power systems that use solar have rapidly become one of the most popular home improvements and investments. Families have seen the potential savings, and government incentives and solar tax credits have also helped.

Financing Options for Hewlett Harbor Solar

If you’re interested in getting a Hewlett Harbor solar installation, the cost is one of the most important things that you’ll consider. The cost of solar can be recovered over the lifetime of a system. In fact, most systems will pay through with savings in the first ten years

Does Long Island Solar Solutions Actually Improve Home Value?

There’s been some recent debate on whether home solar can improve home value. While some say that having panels on the rooftop won’t affect the value of the home, most realtors agree that solar can increase the offers

Can we Recycle Long Island Solar Solutions Solar Panels?

The solar panel industry is seeing an explosion of growth. Even locally, it’s becoming more common to see solar power on Long Island. The solar industry has grown at an average rate of 33% per year over the last decade.