How to Add Additional Solar Panels to Your Home

Learn how to add additional solar panels to your home. The experts at Long Island Power Solutions are available for upgrades and more.

Where to Buy the Best Solar Panels on Long Island?

Learn where to buy the best solar panels on Long Island. Our team has you covered with an installation using top brands like Tesla and Q Cells.

How Long Does It Take to Pay Back Solar Panels with Savings?

Solar is a great investment but like any investment you need solid data. How long does it take to pay back solar panels? Find out with Long Island Power Solutions.

DIY vs. Professional Solar in Kings Park

With solar in Kings Park, you can save money and add value to your home. Solar is one of the best home investments that you can make, and the right system could generate a return over the years, helping you to achieve both energy independence and financial freedom.

How Do You Save Money with Mastic Solar?

You’ll love your home in Mastic, New York even more when you save money with solar. Mastic solar panel installation is one of the most effective ways to cut down on your monthly spending.

How Does Financing Work for Home Solar Installation in Halesite NY?

You can start saving money with solar power in Halesite, even if you aren’t ready to pay for a system outright. Most families use financing to get solar power on Long Island, and with the most experienced local solar installer, this process is simple and stress-free.

Surging Imports Brings More Solar Panels for Sale

America’s demand for solar continues to grow, with families, utility companies, and other businesses all discovering the value in clean energy. At home with solar power on Long Island, a system can save you money while delivering true energy independence.

Good News for Anyone Considering a Solar System for Home

In recent years, supply chain constraints have restricted the solar market in the United States. A swift government response brought tax incentives for manufacturers as well as a temporary stay on solar panel import tariffs to help stimulate the industry.

Commercial Long Island Solar Power Could Cut Carbon Emissions

America is undergoing a significant energy transition, with all levels of government pushing for more renewables in the public and private sectors. New data suggests that industrial solar could provide up to 35% of the demand for manufacturers in the U.S

5 Reasons It’s the Perfect Time to Get Solar Power in Glenwood Landing

Solar power on Long Island is one of the most powerful investments that you can make in your home. With solar, you’ll owe less to your utility company, generating savings for years to come. A Long Island solar installation is a significant investment.