Are You Ready for Solar on Long Island – Key Questions to Ask

Switching your home to solar is an exciting prospect. Long-term savings, energy independence, and better reliability are all great reasons to schedule an installation. One of the most important things you can do before you dive headfirst into the project

New Guidance on the Federal Rebate for Solar – Does Anything Change?

If you’ve been considering solar for your home, you might be familiar with the federal rebate for solar. Under the Inflation Reduction Act of 2022, homeowners are eligible for a federal tax credit based on the cost of their solar installations.

How Important are Solar Inverters for Home Solar Power?

Without solar inverters, your home wouldn’t have much use for the electricity that comes from solar panels. Inverters take the direct current (DC) electricity from rooftop solar panels and convert it to alternating current (AC)

What are the Components of a Solar Panel System?

How do you save money and improve energy efficiency at home with a solar panel system? Solar panels might seem like hi-tech magic, but the science behind them isn’t too hard to understand. If you’re thinking about getting a free home solar estimate

Financing for Mineola NY Solar – It’s Easier Than You Think

If you’re buying all your electricity from the grid in Mineola NY, you’re paying too much for it. Energy prices in New York are notoriously high, and the rates keep going up over time. If you want protection from inflation and high utility bills, Mineola NY solar is the best option for you.

What are Bifacial Solar Panels?

Developments in solar technology can directly benefit homeowners. If you’re considering solar power on Long Island, it’s because the technology and cost have made solar viable over time. You can invest in solar and enjoy a strong return on your investment

The Best Reasons You Should Install Solar Power in Jamesport NY

Home solar can give you long-term savings and freedom from the ridiculous energy prices on Long Island. If you want to save money not just today but for decades to come, solar power in Jamesport NY

Why are Solar Stock Prices Climbing? Will it Affect Long Island Solar Power?

Solar stock prices have been fluctuating in recent weeks. There was a noticeable dip with many investors fearing that foreign competition would lower the value of U.S. solar companies. However, solar stocks heavily rebounded this week

Get a Competitive Interest Rate for Solar Financing on Long Island

A Long Island solar installation can provide long-term savings that more than cover the cost of investment. If you’re like many homeowners, considering solar also means thinking about solar financing on Long Island.

5 Top Solar Questions to Ask Before You Get Solar Power on Long Island

Switching to solar is a major decision and one that should be considered carefully. If you’re thinking about getting solar power on Long Island, there are some important questions that you can ask to help you decide.