Solar Power in Jamesport NY

The Best Reasons You Should Install Solar Power in Jamesport NY

Home solar can give you long-term savings and freedom from the ridiculous energy prices on Long Island. If you want to save money not just today but for decades to come, solar power in Jamesport NY is one of the best investments for your home. Even looking beyond the savings, there are plenty of good reasons to consider a solar installation in Jamesport. Here are the ones that are hard to ignore.

Save Money with Solar Power in Jamesport NY

Savings are the most obvious reason to get solar power in Jamesport NY. Most people know that solar provides savings, but not everyone knows how.

The primary way you’ll save with solar is by reducing your reliance on the grid. This is what we call energy independence. During the day, your solar panels will generate electricity, sending anything you don’t use back out to the grid.

With Net Metering, the energy you send out will spin your meter in reverse. This means that your solar panels will still benefit you, even in the evenings or on days when solar production is low.

By offsetting your bill, you’ll see monthly savings with solar. With an efficient design and the best installers, your system could generate enough savings to cover the installation cost within the first ten years. Solar panels last up to 25 years and sometimes longer, so those savings will be long-lasting.

If you’re interested in Long Island Solar, please call us. We will walk you through the whole process of how to become energy independent!

Get Protection from Outages with a Solar Installation in Jamesport

Long Island experiences more than its fair share of severe weather events. These often affect the grid. If you install a solar backup system with your solar installation in Jamesport, you could have electricity even when the grid goes down.

Your solar panels will charge the battery system during the day. You could even deploy electricity from this in the evenings to give your family even more energy independence. As a cost-balancing and backup device, a solar backup battery system is the perfect addition to solar panels.

Increase the Value of Your Home

Most realtors agree that solar panels make a home more desirable. They can also directly improve the value of the home.

Because solar panels last so long, the value created is also long-lasting. You don’t even need to be thinking about selling your home any time soon. Even in ten years, your solar panels will be a key feature if you list your home on the market.

Benefit from Tax Credits and Incentives

One of the most compelling reasons to install solar today is the significant tax credits and incentives available. Both New York State and the Federal government have tax credit programs available. NYSERDA, a state organization that promotes energy efficiency programs, also offers a direct incentive based on the size of a solar system installed, this incentive comes off the top of the solar bill.

Some of the tax credits are significant. The Federal tax credit for solar installations is worth 30% of the bill and can include all aspects of the system including photovoltaic panels and battery energy storage devices.

You can learn more about available tax credits and incentives by talking to the team at Long Island Power Solutions. We can even use expected tax credits for split financing with an interest-free period.

Talk to Local Experts for Your Free Solar Estimate in Jamesport

You can learn more about solar for your home with no risk. Long Island Power Solutions will provide a free solar estimate in Jamesport NY, along with a detailed consultation and cost/benefit analysis. Solar makes sense for many families. With our detailed approach to solar power in Jamesport NY, you’ll have all the information you need to decide if it’s the right choice for you.

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