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Why Don’t American Parking Lots Have Power Solar Arrays?

Despite some States like Texas and California generating huge amounts of solar electricity, America generates just 3% of its total electricity from solar panels. The trend is changing, with power solar installation becoming more popular with homeowners. There is also a growing percentage of businesses seeking power solar solutions. Parking lots are an area where it might seem obvious to install solar panels. But why do so few in America have power solar systems? Let’s find out…

America Falls Behind in Parking Lot Solar

In Europe, solar panels in parking lots are a common sight. Solar canopies make use of vast spaces to generate electricity for the grid and the property owners. Late last year, France made a law requiring that parking lots with more than 80 spaces install solar panels within the next few years. Disneyland Paris has committed to installing a solar canopy over its 11,200 parking spaces.

So why doesn’t this happen in America?

One of the reasons is the perceived cost. Traditionally, large-scale solar deployments have been pricey, and it can take years for these projects to generate a return on investment. But with recent innovations in solar panel manufacturing, the panels are now more efficient. Commercial solar developments can generate huge savings over time, easily covering the cost of installation.

As an example, Michigan State University recently estimated that it could save $10 million over 25 years by installing solar canopies over its parking lots.

There’s also the fact that solar won’t make sense in all cases. If the parking lot is surrounded by tall buildings, then its sunlight exposure would be reduced. In highly developed cities and towns, this can make solar canopies unfeasible.

Each project needs to be evaluated with a cost/benefit analysis to ensure that installing solar panels is worth it. Analysts believe that the trend will change, especially as energy costs continue to increase. America will probably see more of its parking lots covered in solar canopies within the next decade.

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Drawing Parallels to Home Solar Power on Long Island

If you want solar power on Long Island for your home, you’ll also need to consider the feasibility of making the switch. Just because you could put solar panels on your rooftop, doesn’t mean that you should.

This is made simple with a detailed consultation from Long Island Power Solutions. After your initial estimate, we’ll visit your home for a site inspection. We’ll make sure that your roof is ready for solar. We’ll perform an energy savings evaluation to learn about your unique needs and your energy usage patterns. By predicting solar generation with our accurate modeling system, we can predict electricity production and relative savings in the years to come. A cost/benefit analysis will give you real data so that you can see if solar power on Long Island would benefit your family.

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