Floral Park Solar Battery Backup System

Should You Get a Floral Park Solar Battery Backup System?

Floral Park is a beautiful village in Nassau County, where it’s natural to want to preserve the environment while also investing in your home. If you want to make a smart investment that generates savings in the years to come, solar panels are the best choice. You could get even more value from your solar panels with a Floral Park solar battery backup system.

Is it worth getting a Floral Park solar battery backup system, and do you need one to make the most from solar? This guide will help you to make the best decision.

What is a Battery Backup System?

In a typical solar system, the panels are connected to inverters that feed power to the home. When excess electricity is produced, energy is sent out to the grid. Through net metering, you can export energy to get credits (effectively discounts) on your utility bill. Export enough in a given month, and you might owe your utility company nothing more than a hookup fee.

While net metering is an important aspect of solar, it’s not the only way to make use of the excess electricity generated.

A Floral Park solar battery backup system is an additional device that can be connected to your solar panels. Your panels will charge the battery system during the day. If there’s still excess, this will be exported to the grid.

There are several reasons why you might want a Floral Park solar battery. Efficiency, reliability, and improved savings are all possible.

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A Backup System Keeps Solar More Efficient

If you have battery backup attached to your solar panels, your entire system can become more efficient.

In the evenings when panels shut down, your electricity will come from the grid. This is typically the most expensive time to purchase electricity. Peak rates are higher than those during the day, so the energy you consume at night will cost more per kilowatt hour than the credits you receive for exporting during the day. In effect, you’ll have to export more than you consume to get the best savings.

A battery can change this. With a fully charged battery that deploys at peak times, you will protect yourself from peak rates. This can help to maximize the savings that you get from solar.

You could also use a solar battery for power-hungry applications to minimize the electricity that you draw from the grid. Many families find that charging an electric car from a solar battery is more affordable in the long term. You could charge an EV at night using solar batteries.

No More Outages

Depending on how your system is configured, solar batteries could also isolate your home from the grid during power outages. Your batteries could power your home when the electricity on the street goes out. Your panels can still function, so you could become temporarily independent from the utility company.

Power outages are fairly common on Long Island when compared to other areas of the nation. If you’re sick of the brownouts and blackouts on the unreliable grid, a Floral Park solar battery backup system could be perfect for your home.

Your Solar Battery Backup Installer in Floral Park can Crunch the Numbers

A solar battery will add cost and complexity to your system. You need data to determine if the additional investment is worth it. Not every home will require a battery backup to enjoy maximum savings from solar.

At Long Island Power Solutions, we provide detailed energy savings consultations, and we’ll give you a cost/benefit analysis to determine if solar and a backup system are worth it. We’ll look at your energy usage patterns, the cost of your average bill, and the unique needs of your family.

With information from the best battery backup installer in Floral Park, you can make an informed decision based on real data.

Get an Estimate for Solar Battery Backup System Cost on Long Island

Whether you want to add a battery system to your current solar panel installation, or if you need to know the total solar battery backup system cost on Long Island with panels, we can help.

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