Solar Incentives in Riverhead

Are There Solar Incentives in Riverhead Long Island?

With rising rates and inflation, saving money on your utility bill could be a huge benefit to your family. One of the easiest ways to do it is with solar power on Long Island. With solar incentives in Riverhead, you could dramatically offset the cost of solar. We can even work tax credits into the financing for your system. Learn about the solar incentives in Riverhead Long Island, and get your estimate from the team at Long Island Power Solutions.

The Cost of Solar Long Island is Lower with Incentives

When considering tax credits and solar incentives in Riverhead, the real price of solar on Long Island decreases.

Solar panel cost has come down considerably in recent years. It’s a big part of why solar panels are now feasible for most families. The decreased cost of solar in Riverhead Long Island, along with increases in system efficiency, can contribute to a long and significant return on investment.

The cost of solar in Riverhead Long Island doesn’t have to be paid upfront. We can offer financing for solar through our partners, and some of your solar incentives in Riverhead can even be applied to an interest-free period.

If you’re interested in Long Island Solar, please call us. We will walk you through the whole process of how to become energy independent!

What are the Current Solar Incentives in Riverhead?

State solar incentives in Riverhead are split across tax credits and direct financial incentives.

  • The New York Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA) provides a direct incentive based on the size of your system and your current utility provider. You could get up to $5,500 back from an 11Kw solar panel system. We are a NYSERDA-Approved installer, so this incentive will come right off the top of your bill.
  • All New York taxpayers are eligible for a state income tax credit worth up to $5,000.
  • The cost of solar in Riverhead Long Island is also offset by a federal incentive. The government just extended its federal tax credit for homeowners installing solar for the first time. This incentive is funded by the Inflation Reduction Act of 2022. It provides a 30% tax credit based on the cost of your system.

We will work with you to determine the specific solar incentives and tax credits that are available in your case. Tax credits can be used to offset the cost of financing solar.

We offer no money down financing for solar. It includes an interest-free period. The loan is split into two parts, with the first loan based on expected federal and state solar tax credits. This interest-free loan is paid once you receive your tax credits. The remainder of your bill is applied to a secondary loan that begins after the first term. You can choose the length of this loan to suit your finances.

One of the Leading Riverhead Solar Companies

There is a growing number of Riverhead solar companies operating locally and throughout the rest of Long Island. Our team is one of the most experienced, with more than 5,000 successful installations already completed.

Highly experienced and with the best solutions available on the market today, we will ensure that solar is both affordable and valuable in the long term. We don’t make our customers guess when it comes to the savings provided by solar. We offer detailed energy savings consultations and will provide you with a cost/benefit analysis.

Before you put any money into the project, you’ll know if solar is ready to pay off. That’s our promise to you as one of the best Riverhead solar companies today.

Your Free Home Solar Estimate on Long Island is Waiting

You can get a free home solar estimate on Long Island based on satellite data. From here, we will start with your consultation and schedule an on-site inspection to ensure that your home is ready for solar. The final estimate will be based on our on-site data. And, with solar incentives in Riverhead, it has never been more affordable to get solar panels at home.

Long Island Power Solutions offers the easiest pathway to renewable energy at home. Your free home solar estimate on Long Island is the first step towards a more sustainable and affordable future.

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