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Is Rooftop Wind Power an Alternative to Long Island Solar Panel Companies?

A Long Island solar installation is the most efficient ways to power your home, and also the most affordable. But according to new research, wind power could become a reality in the distant future. Could wind power give competition to Long Island solar panel companies, and should you wait to see how the renewable energy market develops? Let’s find out…

A New Rooftop Wind Power Invention is Making Headlines

Aeromine Technologies is a new startup recently formed in Texas. The company announced over the weekend that it has developed a unique bladeless wind turbine suited to home installation.

According to the company, the unit could generate 50% more electricity than solar panels for the same cost. Without blades, the device is quiet and safe for wildlife.

The technology is impressive, but it is a long way from reaching the home market. It is still in testing at a manufacturing facility, and it could take several years until it is ready for mass production and distribution.

There are a few things to consider, both pros and cons, about the technology as an alternative to solar power on Long Island.

  • The system will only produce electricity when wind conditions are ideal.
  • The system can potentially work during the night and the day.
  • Safety and performance are unproven in the real world.
  • Scale-up of manufacturing could mean high initial costs.
  • Wind power could be unfeasible in many sheltered locations and neighborhoods.

It’s impressive to see that companies continue to innovate on alternative energy. However, as it stands today, a Long Island solar installation is the most effective and affordable way to get clean energy to your home.

If you’re interested in Long Island Solar, please call us. We will walk you through the whole process of how to become energy independent!

Long Island Solar Panel Companies on Long Island is a Proven Concept

Long Island Power Solutions has installed more than 5,000 systems across Long Island and New York. Our technologies and techniques are proven. We are one of the most trusted Long Island solar panel companies. Our customers generate a strong return on investment. The panels used for solar power on Long Island will typically pay for themselves, in savings, after the first eight years of ownership.

Solar panels produce electricity for 25 – 30 years before needing replacement. The durability of a home wind power system is as yet, unproven.

Solar has robust tax credits and government incentive programs in place. Energy providers are also on board with Net Metering offered in New York to maximize savings. The infrastructure is already in place to save with solar panels.

There’s a Financing Industry Established for Long Island Solar Installations

Getting easy access to financing for a Long Island solar installation is straightforward. Because lenders already understand the value and return on investment available from solar power on Long Island, they are comfortable financing these systems. You can get solar with no money down, and an interest-free period based on solar tax credits.

It would take much longer for lenders to evaluate and approve mass-market loans for wind power systems.

Reliable Electricity at Home with Long Island Power Solutions

There’s an established network of Long Island solar panel companies ready to convert your home to renewable energy. You can’t buy a wind power system for your home today, but you can get clean, cost-efficient, and reliable solar.

Trust in a proven technology while looking forward to what future solutions might look like. In the current market, you’ll get the best options and maximum savings from Long Island Power Solutions. Start with your free solar estimate, get a cost/benefit analysis, and see why it’s still best to go renewable with one of the leading Long Island solar panel companies.

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