New York State Solar Program

What Should You Look for in a New York State Solar Program

When Congress passed the Inflation Reduction Act, solar was a huge winner. The government has allocated billions of dollars to fund solar developments from a grassroots level. This includes a 30% solar tax credit for families who install solar between now and 2032. If you’re ready to make the switch, you should join a New York State solar program you can trust.

At Long Island Power Solutions, we offer one of the most competitive New York State solar programs, giving you a more convenient and reliable connection to your rooftop solar panels.

Why is Solar in the News?

There has been an increase in solar news stories in recent weeks. Besides the coverage around the Inflation Reduction Act, networks have covered the potential savings and even some things to watch out for when getting solar.

Not all of the news is positive. Last month, news broke in Florida that a homeowner had her insurance canceled because of her solar panels. This story is not the norm. You’ll be happy to know that solar power on Long Island can be insured, and all you need to do is call your provider to ensure that your current policy will cover your panels.

Stories have also emerged covering the potential savings. A recent Rossen Report on MSNBC found that solar can save some homeowners up to 50% on their monthly electric bills. Some homeowners save much more, depending on energy usage patterns and how the system was designed.

At Long Island Power Solutions, we provide cost/benefit analysis so that you can predict your savings before you commit to a Long Island solar installation.

Solar Done Right with a New York State Solar Program

Long Island Power Solutions has performed more than 5,000 successful installations so far. Our customers on Long Island benefit from one of the best New York State solar programs.

We call it the SMART Solar Program. It’s an excellent program because it focuses on getting the best savings with reliability and efficiency.

Every customer that joins Long Island Power Solutions is signed up for our New York State solar program at no additional cost.

The program includes…

  • A free energy savings evaluation and cost/benefit analysis.
  • A 25-Year Warranty for your solar panels.
  • 24/7 monitoring and support from our experienced team.
  • Consumption monitoring with free smartphone apps.
  • Low-penetration racking and flashing to secure your panels and protect your roof.
  • An in-home welcome meeting to introduce you to your new solar system.

Solar power on Long Island is available with no money-down financing, and we’ll even apply your expected tax credits to an interest-free period. Our New York state solar program ensures you get the most from your investment in renewable energy.

If you’re interested in Long Island Solar, please call us. We will walk you through the whole process of how to become energy independent!

Long Island Solar Installation in a Day

We will schedule your installation after the consultation and engineering stage. We take care of permits for Long Island solar installation in-house.

The actual physical Long Island solar installation takes just a single day. We’ll schedule the work at a time that’s convenient for you. Our installers are the most experienced on Long Island, and we’ll leave nothing behind except reliable solar panels ready to save you money.

Get Ready for Solar Power on Long Island

Our team makes it easy to get solar power on Long Island. With the best New York State solar program, you’ll have peace of mind throughout the lifetime of your system. Start the switch to solar with your free estimate, and let the local experts deliver a reliable solution for clean and renewable energy.

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