Solar System on Long Island NY

How Efficient is a Solar System on Long Island NY?

Solar power on Long Island is the most affordable way to power your home. With savings over time, you can enjoy a strong return on investment. A solar system on Long Island NY is also more efficient than taking all your electricity from the grid.

The technology for solar panels continues to improve over time. The latest data indicate that solar is even more efficient than previously thought.

A Solar System on Long Island NY Can Output Up To 100x More Energy Than It Consumes

There’s always some debate when it comes to solar power on Long Island. Some still have the misconception that the energy used to produce a solar panel is more than what the panel can output over its lifetime. New data can put things into perspective.

A recent independent study shows that modern solar panels can produce 100x more energy than is needed to create them. This is huge news for sustainability. America is currently undergoing a clean energy transition. Climate change is reaching a critical stage. Moving to sustainable energy and reducing carbon emissions can help to offset the speed and severity of climate change.

A significant amount of energy is used to manufacture and deploy a solar system on Long Island NY. It’s reassuring to know that the energy is more than offset by the electricity that the panel will create over time. You can achieve a minimal carbon footprint at home with a solar system on Long Island NY.

How Long Does a Long Island Solar Installation Last?

For a Long Island solar installation to provide a return on investment and efficiency benefits, it must be long-lasting. The team at Long Island Power Solutions uses the best components for every Long Island solar installation. We provide a 25-Year Warranty on solar panels.

The actual lifetime of a system is typically longer than the warranty period. Most panels will last between 25 and 30 years before replacement is necessary.

Through our SMART Solar Program, we provide active monitoring for Long Island solar installations. You can have peace of mind knowing that your investment will continue to provide returns for not just years, but decades into the future.

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The First Step to Install Solar Power on Long Island

It’s worth getting an estimate even if you’re just curious about solar power on Long Island. We provide ballpark estimates for free, based on satellite data. We can look at the location of your home and provide a surprisingly accurate estimate of the potential of rooftop solar panels.

If you like the initial data in the free estimate for solar power on Long Island, we can move to a detailed on-site inspection.

Solar is an investment, so your decision should be based on evidence and real data. We provide detailed consultations and a cost/benefit analysis. You’ll be able to see how much energy your system would produce, and the savings you could enjoy over time.

Long Island Power Solutions is Your Local Solar Installer

You can have a solar system on Long Island NY for a home that is more environmentally friendly and affordable. Long Island Power Solutions has installed more than 5,000 systems. Our dedicated team will take you from consultation and planning, through to the installation and aftercare. Request your free solar estimate from Long Island Power Solutions today.

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