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Solar Power Solutions of the Future Could Be in Your Windows

Innovation in the solar industry moves at a rapid pace. Increases in reliability and efficiency have made it possible to get affordable solar power on Long Island. Some more recent innovations could mean that solar power solutions are built right into your windows.

Although it will be some time before we see anything like this in the general market, it’s interesting to see what industry innovators are doing to secure our energy future.

Glass Windows with Transparent Solar Power Solutions

One of the most exciting technologies to appear in recent years is glass windows with built-in solar power solutions.

NEXT Energy installs solar systems in California, and it also innovates with new technology solutions. The company revealed a unique type of solar panel last month, where the cells were built right into commercial glass panes. This means that in the future, large commercial windows could be used to provide electricity to the building. The technology is still in the early stages and it’s not ready for widespread deployment. It will also take several years to develop something efficient enough to be used in your home.

While it’s not quite ready for use in your Long Island solar installation, you could see the homes of your children with large, insulated windows that also serve as solar panels. This could be beneficial for both efficiency and architectural reasons. Homes increasingly use glass as a main architectural element where entire walls are completed with floor-to-ceiling windows. Utilizing these surfaces could allow for energy-efficient homes without compromising the aesthetics.

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What if You Want Solar Power on Long Island Today?

Looking to the future is exciting, but it’s also important to consider the options that are available today. With our current technology, the best way to get solar power on Long Island is with panels mounted to your rooftop. There are several reasons why rooftop panels still dominate the market:

  • The technology used for rooftop panels is mature, efficient, and affordable.
  • Panels can be easily retrofitted to virtually any home.
  • The rooftop gets more sunlight exposure than the windows.
  • Rooftop panels are easy to replace at the end of the service life.

Admittedly, solar panels that simply look like windows would be quite impressive, but this isn’t to say that rooftop panels would detriment your home. Many customers find that rooftop solar power on Long Island gives the home a more contemporary look. It’s also true that installing Long Island solar can add value to your home. Solar is a real investment, and because panels are expected to last for 25 – 30 years, you can get an excellent return.

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