Whole House Battery Backup in Syosset NY

Can I Get a Whole House Battery Backup in Syosset NY?

During the day, solar panels have the potential to power your entire home. In the evenings, you can import energy from the grid, and the cost will be offset by any excess that you export during the day. But what if you want more efficiency? And what happens when the grid goes down? Without whole house battery backup in Syosset NY, you’ll rely more on the grid. When there’s an outage, your panels will shut down to protect the grid and the linesmen working to restore power. Whole house battery backup in Syosset NY can give you more versatility from your solar panels. You could even get power in an emergency for your entire home.

How Does Solar Battery Backup Work?

When you work with the best solar battery backup installers in Syosset NY, there are a few ways that a backup system will benefit you.

  • During the day, your home will run on solar panels. Excess production will charge your battery and export to the grid to generate Net Metering credits.
  • In the evenings, your home will run on battery power that is optimized to deploy when rates are at their highest.
  • During a power outage, your home will run on your solar battery. During an extended outage, the battery will recharge during the day.

If you don’t have a solar battery system, your panels will shut down when the grid is offline. Adding a battery gives you true energy security and energy independence.

How Long Will Whole House Battery Backup in Syosset NY Power Your Home?

It’s possible to get a whole-house battery system that can power your entire home, but most systems are limited to a few hours of operation before the batteries are depleted. It all depends on your configuration.

With a larger battery system, you could have enough energy stored to power essential appliances, lighting, and outlets for several hours. Each system is designed based on the needs of the customer. At Long Island Power Solutions, we will consider your typical usage patterns, vulnerability to power outages, and how much solar your home can produce.

You can talk to us today for a free energy savings assessment and cost/benefit analysis. We’ll plan a system with whole-house battery backup in Syosset NY that is suited to your unique situation.

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Can You Go Off Grid with Battery Backup Installers in Syosset NY?

With today’s high demand for electricity, it’s not feasible for most homes to go completely off the grid. You would need a large solar array on your rooftop and several battery systems linked together, and this can become cost-prohibitive.

If you went completely off the grid, you’d also lose the benefits of net metering, where exported electricity adds credits to your electric utility account.

You’ll remain connected to the grid but can have a system where the majority of your electricity comes from your panels and your battery. You’ll also enjoy peace of mind knowing that in the event of an outage, your lights and critical appliances/outlets will stay on. We have the best battery backup installers in Syosset NY to ensure that your system meets your needs and exceeds your expectations.

How Much Does a Solar Battery Backup System Cost on Long Island?

Before you get started, you’ve got a key question. How much does a solar battery backup system cost on Long Island? The answer can be complicated and it’s different for every home. The best way to find out is to begin your consultation today.

  • We plan every system in detail to ensure efficiency and cost savings.
  • There are various NY and federal solar tax benefits available to offset the cost of installation.
  • We have strong relationships with the best suppliers to ensure our prices are competitive.
  • We will provide a detailed cost/benefit analysis and sign you up for the SMART Solar Program.

Learn how much a solar battery backup system cost on Long Island by getting your free solar estimate today. With Long Island Power Solutions, you’ll get the best options for whole-house battery backup in Syosset NY.

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