Smart Solar Program

What is the Long Island Power Solutions SMART Solar Program?

Our team is committed to making solar more accessible and more affordable for all. You can enjoy a stress-free installation with the Long Island Power Solutions SMART Solar Program.

The SMART Solar Program is our way to ensure that your solar experience is carefully managed right from the initial consultation, all the way through to installation. We’ll also help to ensure that you make use of NY State solar tax credits and federal solar tax credits.

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No Money Down Solar Installation on Long Island

Solar is a significant investment for your home. Investment is the keyword. Solar can generate a return over time with savings, with most owners seeing a pay-off time of around eight years. After this point, the system has paid for itself in savings.

Most homeowners will need assistance to pay for the cost of solar panel installation. This is why we offer no money down solar installation on Long Island. With financing that is affordable and accessible, more families can access the savings and financial returns of solar.

We split our no money down solar installation into two loans.

  • The first loan is the no money down solar installation on Long Island. It is based on the available NY State solar tax credits and Federal Solar Tax Credits. At the end of the tax year, the loan is paid in full, and we move onto the second stage of financing.
  • The next loan is over a term of your choosing. We work with the best banks and lenders on Long Island and in New York, to ensure that you get the most competitive rates.

You can talk to us today to learn more details about our no-money-down solar installation. Even with financing, you can start saving from the moment that your solar panels are installed on your roof.

NY State Solar Tax Credits

Solar tax credits are frequently evolving. Some are applied to the top of your bill, immediately reducing the cost of solar installation. You can learn about eligible NY State solar tax credits, rebates, and incentives in your initial consultation.

Federal Solar Tax Credits

Homeowners throughout America can take advantage of federal solar tax credits. The current program allows for a 26% dollar for dollar reduction on the Federal Income tax that you owe, based on the cost of your home solar system. This credit will decrease after 2022 so now is the best time to start thinking about your Long Island Solar Installation.

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Six Key Benefits of the SMART Solar Program

Our SMART Solar Program ensures that you get the maximum value from your solar panel installation.

  • We provide an energy savings assessment free of charge, with a detailed cost/benefit analysis. This will help you to make the right decision before committing to the installation.
  • On installation day, we use low-penetration racking and flashing to protect your roof and ensure that solar panels are stable and ready to stand up to the weather.
  • Every system is actively monitored. This ensures that you get reliable solar throughout the lifetime of your system.
  • We’ll set you up with consumption monitoring applications so you can see stats about solar generation, storage (if you have battery backup), and usage.
  • We provide ongoing support over the lifetime of your system. This starts with a welcome meeting in your home to introduce you to your new system. Support is available 24/7.
  • Every solar installation from Long Island Power Solutions is covered by a 25-Year warranty for your peace of mind.

The Smart Solar Program ensures that you make the right decision that is both practical and financially viable. Unlike some solar companies, we don’t use pushy sales practices. We won’t recommend solar unless it’s the best option to power your home today, and in the years to come.

Find out how easy it is to transition to clean energy with Long Island Power Solutions. Get your estimate today and join the SMART Solar Program.

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