North Shore Long Island Solar

How We Keep North Shore Long Island Solar Affordable

Solar is an efficient and environmentally friendly way to power your home. It’s also the most affordable option, especially when compared to the high cost of electricity on Long Island. If you’re interested in North Shore Long Island solar, the cost will be one of the most important considerations. The cost of investment should make sense in context with the returns you can generate and the convenience that solar will offer.

Learn how we make North Shore Long Island solar more cost-efficient for your home in North Hempstead, Oyster Bay, Huntington, Smithtown, and nearby areas.

How Much is Solar on Long Island?

Before you invest in a solar installation on the North Shore, you’ll have one key question on your mind. How much is solar on Long Island?

The answer is that it depends. Various factors go into the cost of the solar installation, including…

  • The size of the home and the solar system.
  • The added features or components (like a solar battery backup system).
  • The complexity of the installation.
  • Any additional work needed (such as roof replacement).

If you’re eligible for tax credits and rebates from the Federal or State Government, you could significantly offset the cost of installation.

We can provide a ballpark estimate using satellite data. This is the best way to answer the question “how much is solar on Long Island?”. You can get started with your free estimate online.

SMART Solar Program Sets us Apart from Other North Shore Solar Companies

With a growing number of North Shore solar companies competing for your contract, it’s critical to choose one with a process designed for efficiency and savings. That’s exactly what you’ll find with Long Island Power Solutions. We sign all customers up to our SMART Solar Program, creating a point of value that other North Shore solar companies don’t have.

Our SMART Solar Program is based on six essential points…

  • We provide a free energy savings assessment with cost/benefit analysis.
  • Every system is actively monitored for reliability.
  • You can monitor consumption from convenient smartphone or web apps.
  • We use low penetration racking and flashing to protect your roof.
  • We provide long-term support for every installation.
  • North Shore Long Island solar comes with a 25-Year Warranty for your peace of mind.

Enjoy the reliability and support that other North Shore solar companies don’t offer. We’re available now to begin the consultation process.

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A Return on Investment from Solar Installation on the North Shore

The cost of solar installation on the North Shore is closely linked to the returns that can be generated over time. Most systems have a pay-off time of around 8 years. This can occur earlier or may take slightly longer depending on the size of your solar installation on the North Shore, and your usage patterns.

The average household will enjoy a significant return on investment from the savings and reliability of solar. You’ll know exactly what to expect when you get our cost/benefit analysis.

Solar Battery Backup Systems to Increase Efficiency

You will enjoy more reliability and better savings with a solar battery backup system. A solar battery can store electricity for deployment in the evening when solar panels shut down. You can also use a solar battery backup system as emergency power, completely shielding your home from grid network outages.

We are experts in designing efficient battery backup for solar on the North Shore.

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