Best Solar Panel Installers on Long Island

Find the Best Solar Panel Installers on Long Island with These 5 Questions

Long Island residents pay some of the highest electric utility rates in the nation. If you want to reduce your electric bill and generate a return over time, solar panels on Long Island will get you there. With a growing number of solar panel installers on Long Island, it can be difficult to find the one that’s right for you. With just five simple questions, you can separate the best solar panel installers from all the rest. Here’s what you should ask a solar panel installation contractor first.

1)  Is My Roof Right for Solar Panels on Long Island?

Beware of the solar panel installation company that asks you to sign an agreement without even looking at your roof. The equipment needs a stable foundation. Your roof needs to be ready to support solar panels on Long Island, and the best installers understand this.

If you are asked to sign an agreement without a pre-inspection, ask the solar panel installation company why.

At Long Island Power Solutions, we provide ballpark estimates using satellite data. We don’t proceed to the detailed estimate and planning without a full on-site inspection to make sure that your home is ready for solar. We are more than just a solar panel installation company. We can replace your roof before installing solar panels on Long Island.

2) Will the Solar Panel Installation Company Take Care of Permits?

If you’ve ever coordinated any major renovation or remodeling for your home, you will know that permits can be a headache to deal with. The best solar panel installers won’t leave the hard work to you.

When a solar panel installation company agrees to take care of the permits and fees, you’ll know that you’ve got a reliable team to work with.

The team at Long Island Power Solutions is highly experienced in securing permits for roofing and solar panel installation. We take care of solar permits in-house. For convenience, any associated fees are integrated into your bill. There are no hidden charges with our estimates for solar panels on Long Island.

3) What is the Warranty for Solar Panels on Long Island?

Solar panels on Long Island must be reliable. They need to stand up to the most extreme conditions from heavy rain and wind to hail and snowfall. If you want to have confidence in your investment, choose the best solar panel installers with a long warranty coverage period.

The solar experts at Long Island Power Solutions understand that solar is a long-term investment. We want our customers to have reliable solar that provides savings and returns not just for years, but for decades into the future.

We are the best solar panel installers to choose when you want an extended warranty. We cover our solar panel installations for 25 years.

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4) Is There Long-Term Support for Your Solar Panels?

The best solar installers will take the time to explain the benefits of solar, the potential returns, and they will provide ongoing support to ensure that you get the most from your investment. More than 5,000 customers consider Long Island Power Solutions the best solar installers for the quality of our solutions and our ongoing support.

In addition to our 25-Year Warranty, we monitor every system, provide you with monitoring apps for smartphones and web browsers, and we are available at any time for questions and technical support.

5) How Much Will You Save with Solar Panels?

Solar is reliable and with battery backup, you can gain true energy independence with protection from outages on the grid. Solar is also affordable thanks to tax benefits and incentives, helping you to generate a return from your investment.

Always ask the contractor how much you will save with solar panels. If they can’t give figures with evidence, then it’s time to talk to the best solar installers on Long Island.

We have developed the SMART Solar Program which includes a complete energy evaluation to look at your usage, solar production, and potential savings. We provide a detailed cost/benefit analysis so that you can make an informed decision. We’ll never push for a contract if solar isn’t right for your situation.

Get Solar Done Right with the Best Solar Panel Installers on Long Island

Long Island Power Solutions is a team of passionate solar professionals ready to help you make the switch to clean and reliable solar.

No matter what contractor you’re talking to, ask these five questions about solar. You’ll see exactly which companies are invested in your needs.

Ready to see our process in action? Get a free ballpark estimate online or contact us now to begin the consultation process. With the best solar panel installers on Long Island, you’ll learn everything you need to make the right decision.

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