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  • We offer our Smart Solar Financing Program to make Tesla solar more affordable.

  • Flexible installation schedule. We offer installation 7 Days per week.

  • Highly trained and experienced solar technicians you can trust.

  • We have installed over 5000 home solar systems on Long Island.

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Full Solar Assessment of Your Home

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We’ll handle all of the permits needed and begin your solar installation!

Get An Instant Ballpark LI Solar Estimate Using Satellites!

What Our Customers Are Saying

Want to Know Why You Should Switch to Tesla Solar?

~Your Path to Energy Independence Has Never Been Easier~


Your Sustainable Home Starts with Tesla Solar Panels

Solar is the most sustainable form of energy for your home. It’s also an affordable choice. Tesla solar panels can perfectly integrate with your rooftop with a low-profile design that’s both stable and aesthetic. The team at Long Island Power Solutions can give you energy independence when you install Tesla home solar.

The cost of electricity on Long Island is out of control. With Tesla solar panels on your rooftop, you can cut your utility bill and generate a return over time. Now’s the best time to switch to solar with our experienced team.


Household Savings with Tesla Home Solar

When you install Tesla home solar, you’ll see your savings grow from year to year.

Whether paying in cash for your entire system upfront or choosing our no money down affordable financing, it will only take a few years to generate a return on investment.

• When paying in cash you’ll see immediate savings with a dramatically smaller utility bill. Your solar system will start to pay for itself from day one.

• Financing is affordable and you can install Tesla home solar with no money down. An initial interest-free period is based on expected tax credits. You can choose a term for the balance, so repayments will suit your needs.

After you install Tesla home solar, excess energy can be exported to the power network. You’ll get credits on your bill under a Net Metering agreement. Credits will help pay for energy that you import. If you have credits at the end of the billing year, your utility provider will send you a check. Imagine getting paid by the utility company! It’s only possible when you install Tesla home solar.

Our team has installed more than 5,000 home solar systems with satisfied customers throughout Long Island. Choose experienced professionals to install Tesla home solar and enjoy our turnkey process. Convenient and affordable, Tesla solar panels are an investment in your family’s future.


Reliable Clean Energy with Tesla Powerwall

Imagine a home without power outages. It’s possible with Tesla solar panels and a Tesla Powerwall. Talk to a solar consultant today and learn if solar battery backup is right for your needs.

A Tesla Powerwall will power your home even during a grid shutdown. Energy stored during the day can be deployed during an outage. In the evenings, your Tesla Powerwall will provide energy for your home, protecting you from peak rates.

Enjoy true energy independence and maximize your savings with a Tesla Powerwall installed by Long Island Power solutions.

We’ll match and install a Tesla Powerwall with your solar panels to:
• Provide reliable energy storage backup.
• Give you energy independence.
• Ensure 24/7 protection from outages.

Enjoy the peace of mind that comes from Tesla solar panels and a fully integrated battery backup. You can start with your free estimate now.


The Easiest Way to Get Connected with a Tesla Solar Installer on Long Island

We are your local Tesla solar installer on Long Island. Getting started is as easy as requesting your free estimate today.

With an experienced Tesla solar installer on Long Island, you can have confidence in the workmanship and reliability of your system. We can recommend the right Tesla solar panel configuration to suit your needs. Add a Powerwall for backup and the maximum cost savings. With the best installation techniques, you’ll enjoy reliability with a long return on investment. Choose the most trusted Tesla solar installer on Long Island and make the switch to clean energy today.

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Get An Instant Ballpark LI Solar Estimate Using Satellites!