Does Long Island Solar Solutions Actually Improve Home Value?

There’s been some recent debate on whether home solar can improve home value. While some say that having panels on the rooftop won’t affect the value of the home, most realtors agree that solar can increase the offers

Could Federal Decisions Affect Long Island Renewable Energy Incentives?

There’s talk this week that members of Congress could aim to reverse some of the clean energy decisions made by the Biden Administration. Will this affect Long Island renewable energy incentives? Some lawmakers want to fight Biden’s decision to freeze tariffs on imported solar panels and equipment.

The Federal Credit Has Been Extended – NY Solar Panel Tax Credits

Federal and state tax incentives have contributed to a lower cost of solar power on Long Island. Until recently, it looked like the federal tax credit for Long Island solar installation would be discontinued. However, the recent signing of the Inflation Reduction Act has secured tax benefits for the next decade.

Long Island Solar Tax Credits for Homeowners

Federal and NY solar tax credits will significantly offset the real cost of your installation, allowing you a better return on investment over time.
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