Solar Panel Technology

What’s Next for Solar Panel Technology?

There have been significant gains in solar panel technology over the years. This has made solar power on Long Island viable for the average household, with significant savings and excellent reliability. Technology continues to drive the industry forward, and some interesting things on the horizon could continue to improve energy efficiency across America.

Tandem Solar Panels with Perovskite

Although not quite ready for the mass market, tandem solar panels are likely to become available within the next 15 years. Perovskite has been in the news this year, due to its potential in the solar industry. Perovskite is a crystalline compound that can greatly enhance the efficiency of solar panels.

Tandem solar panels have two layers. With a perovskite layer on top of a more traditional solar cell, power output per panel will be much higher than today. In the near future, solar homes could use fewer panels to generate the same amount of electricity as most installations today. Or, tandem solar panels could be used so that homes generate more output from the same surface area as systems today. Either way, efficiency will be significantly increased.

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Recycling is Going to Become More Important for Solar Panel Technology

Solar panels are durable. Your Long Island solar installation will come with a 25-year warranty on your panels. In most cases, panels will produce electricity for up to 30 years. At the end of life, solar panels will be discarded and eventually recycled. America has been developing its recycling infrastructure in 2023, which will become critically important as the demand for solar panels and materials continues to increase.

Just last week, it was announced that scientists had discovered a new way to recover and recycle the high-purity silicon from solar panels and use it for the production of lithium-ion batteries. Researchers at the Nanyang Technological University in Singapore found that an extraction method using phosphoric acid ensures a higher recovery rate of silicon with fewer chemicals used. This more efficient method compares favorably to current standards where at least two chemical reagents are used.

Silicon recycling will become more critical as demand increases, largely driven by solar panel manufacturing and battery manufacturing. Batteries are increasingly being used for consumer electronics, large-scale energy storage, and electric vehicles. You might even end up with solar batteries in your home if you choose to install a solar battery backup system.

Recycling materials is better for the environment and it could also help to keep costs reasonable as manufacturers will have more access to materials. America has seen a huge increase in solar panel and battery manufacturing facilities in the last five years. Several large solar plants are being built, thanks to some significant tax incentives introduced with the Inflation Reduction Act of 2022.

Should You Wait for New Tech Before You Get Solar Power on Long Island?

It’s common for homeowners to wonder if they should wait before getting solar power on Long Island. After all, solar panel technology advances can often mean more efficiency or lower costs. The simple rule of thumb is that it’s not a good idea to wait. Technology will always move forward but there are already significant savings to be enjoyed today. The longer you wait to have your Long Island solar installation, the longer you will go without enjoying the savings that solar can provide.

With the current technology, solar systems will typically pay through in the first ten years. After that, the savings are yours to put into long-term accounts, re-invest, or put towards any financial goal that you might have.

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