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The Unique Benefits of an Oakdale Solar Installation

Cost savings are what convince many people to get an Oakdale solar installation. When you install solar on your rooftop, you’ll enjoy significantly reduced electricity bills, helping to create a return on your investment over time.

But there are plenty of other benefits of Oakdale home solar that go beyond this. If you’re looking for more reasons to make the switch, it won’t be hard to find some compelling arguments. Here are some unique ways that Oakdale home solar can benefit you.

Oakdale Home Solar Gives You Energy Independence

When you get an Oakdale solar installation, you’ll gain your energy independence. Panels on your rooftop will mean that you’re less reliant on the grid. Obviously, this will provide savings, but you’ll also have more self-sufficiency and control over production and usage.

Being energy independent will also help to shield you from rate hikes in the future. New York State is already the most expensive State for electricity in the contiguous United States. Rates continue to increase with inflation and higher transmission costs. This is only likely to worsen over time. Oakdale home solar will provide you with more affordable electricity both today and in the years to come.

Depending on how much rates increase in the coming years, your savings might even improve over time.

If you’re interested in Long Island Solar, please call us. We will walk you through the whole process of how to become energy independent!

You’ll be More Prepared for a Disaster

Adding a solar backup battery system to your installation will offer three key advantages over a standard solar installation…

  • A battery system can improve total savings by allowing you to harvest and store solar energy for use in the evenings when rates are at their highest.
  • You can use a backup battery for some of your more intensive power demands, like charging an electric vehicle at night.
  • Your solar battery can switch over when there’s an outage, isolating your home from the grid and ensuring that your lights and key circuits remain powered.

For disaster preparedness, a solar battery is particularly effective. On Long Island where we are subjected to yearly storms and weather extremes, having some form of backup power is near-essential. Generators can be costly to run and maintain in some cases. A solar battery could provide you with a better balance of daily savings and backup for emergencies. You can learn about the cost of adding a solar battery by talking to the team at Long Island Power Solutions today.

Solar Improves Performance of the Grid

One effect of home solar that is rarely talked about is how it can help to stabilize the grid. As more homes get rooftop solar, there’s less strain placed on the grid, making it more reliable. This can benefit everyone in the service area, especially at times when demand is high.

While the responsibility for energy security shouldn’t be placed on homeowners, there is a net benefit for all. As more people install solar, export excess energy to the grid, and make use of solar batteries, there will be fewer outages and temporary interruptions. This can benefit whole communities by lessening the economic impact that would otherwise be caused by frequent outages.

New York’s grid is aging. Folks on Long Island know this well, especially with the frequency of outages during the Atlantic storm season. Rooftop solar can help to alleviate the issues.

Choose the Most Experienced Solar installers in Oakdale

In addition to these unique benefits, solar could save you thousands over the lifetime of your installation. With the best solar installers in Oakdale, you’ll get 25 years of warranty coverage, with ongoing support to ensure that you get the most from your investment.

Our solar installers in Oakdale are part of a team that has installed more than 5,000 systems in New York. It’s time to get your free home solar estimate. Begin the process with Long Island Power Solutions, and ask for your cost/benefit analysis. See why Oakdale solar is the greatest investment you will ever make in your home.

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