How Long Will Your Solar Panels Last

How Long Will Your Solar Panels Last?

Solar power in Thomaston Long Island is often presented as an investment, which checks out when you consider the savings over time. Like any investment, it’s important to evaluate the overall value and the longevity of your decision. One of the most important questions to consider in this case is: how long will your solar panels last? Solar panels have come a long way over the years and durability today is on another level when compared to even just two decades ago. Let’s look at how long your panels would run so you can make an informed decision.

Average Life Span of Solar Panels

To give a direct answer; solar panels on Long Island and elsewhere in the United States last an average of 25 to 30 years. There are no moving parts in solar panels, and the main factor in terms of durability is the chemical degradation of the materials used. Solar panels will reduce in their efficiency over time, but you can get a functional amount of power for at least 25 years. After this, performance will start to degrade, and you will need to consider replacement panels.

In terms of an investment in your home, this is one of the longest-lasting improvements that you can make. Most renovations last ten to fifteen years. Even when considering a kitchen remodel, one of the most popular home improvements, the work is expected to last around ten to fifteen years. No other investment in your home can provide the same kind of lasting value.

If you’re interested in Long Island Solar, please call us. We will walk you through the whole process of how to become energy independent!

Solar Panel Cleaning in Thomaston

One of the key advantages of solar power in Thomaston Long Island is that you won’t need to worry about any extensive maintenance throughout the lifetime of ownership. The only maintenance you’ll need is solar panel cleaning in Thomaston.

The frequency of cleaning will depend on your neighborhood and the environmental conditions at different times of the year. Dust can accumulate on solar panels, which degrades efficiency. This is mitigated by the low-friction glass covering the solar cells. Some families only require solar panel cleaning every three to five years. Some temporary factors, like new construction in your neighborhood, might increase your cleaning needs but generally, the need to remove dust and grime from your panels will be infrequent.

The team at Long Island Power Solutions can arrange cleaning when your solar panels start to perform outside of the expected range. We can take care of this as part of our maintenance package under the SMART Solar Program.

Peace of Mind with a Solar Panel Warranty

You don’t simply need to trust that your solar panels will last. With Long Island Power Solutions, you’ll be confident in your investment even in the rare event that something goes wrong. All of our solar panels come with 25 years of warranty coverage. We’ll provide support when you need it, and we actively monitor all our installations so we can proactively service panels if the output or efficiency drops below expected levels.

If you’re wondering how long will your solar panels last, you’ll find that our warranty and aftercare service give you complete peace of mind.

Learn More with Your Free Solar Estimate in Thomaston

If you’re thinking about getting solar, the best way to get started is with a free solar estimate in Thomaston. Our estimates are based on satellite data, and we’ll follow up with an in-depth consultation and energy savings evaluation. We’ll also provide you with a cost/benefit analysis so you can evaluate the investment in the context of the potential returns over time.

Solar is one of the best home improvements. You’ll save money, gain energy independence, and have confidence knowing that your home is more sustainable. Long Island Power Solutions is the most experienced solar installer in New York, with more than 5,000 solar installations completed as of 2023. Talk to us today, learn how long will your solar panels last, get answers to all your questions, and enjoy the detailed service of an experienced local solar company.

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