Solar Power in Glenwood Landing

5 Reasons It’s the Perfect Time to Get Solar Power in Glenwood Landing

Solar power on Long Island is one of the most powerful investments that you can make in your home. With solar, you’ll owe less to your utility company, generating savings for years to come. A Long Island solar installation is a significant investment, but it’s one that will pay off. If you’re still on the fence about solar power in Glenwood Landing, we have five reasons that could help you to decide.

Here’s why now is one of the best times ever to get solar for your home in Nassau County.

#1 Solar Power in Glenwood Landing is More Affordable with Solar Incentives

The U.S. Government is pushing hard to have families and industries transition to solar energy. Solar incentives and tax credits make solar significantly more affordable than it has been in the past. There are credits and incentives available from the Federal and New York State governments. The exact incentives that you’re eligible for will depend on where you live and other factors like your income, but there are a few major incentives that most people qualify for.

You could get solar power in Glenwood Landing and take advantage of incentives like…

  • A State income tax credit worth up to 25% of your solar bill, up to $5,000.
  • A Federal income tax credit worth up to 30% of your solar bill with no monetary cap.
  • A direct rebate provided by NYSERDA, which comes off the top of your bill.

The affordability of solar power on Long Island is the reason that panels are becoming more common on rooftops throughout neighborhoods. You can get started with an estimate from Long Island Power Solutions.

If you’re interested in Long Island Solar, please call us. We will walk you through the whole process of how to become energy independent!

#2 Solar Panels are More Efficient Than Ever

Solar panel efficiency has increased massively over time. Just a couple of decades ago, rooftop solar made sense for very few homes, because the efficiency and returns on investment were just too small. Today, solar panels can convert more than 20% of the UV light that hits them, which means significant savings for homeowners.

You could install solar on your rooftop and generate all of the electricity that you need during sunlight hours. Most homes also produce a surplus, which can be exported to the grid, spinning the utility meter in reverse. This offsets energy usage in the evenings when panels shut down.

#3 Solar Battery Technology Has Come a Long Way

You can even add battery backup to your home with a modern solar power system. A solar battery in Glenwood Landing will provide backup power during outages so that you can keep lights and key appliances on. A battery can also be used to improve overall savings with solar, by storing energy in the day and then deploying it at night when utility rates are higher.

A solar battery is an additional expense on your solar bill but for many families, it will generate a return on investment over time that is worth the cost.

#4 Long Island Solar Installation is a Stress-Free Process

If you thought getting solar installed would be complicated and stressful, you’ll be happy to learn that with Long Island Power Solutions it’s actually a simple process.

We take care of all the planning and engineering and will make sure that your system is suited to the needs of your family. All the details will be taken care of, including any necessary permits for the installation. We can even replace your roof before installing solar panels if it’s nearing the age of replacement.

The installation itself only takes a single day, and we’ll schedule this at a time that’s convenient for you.

#5 You can Get a Free Solar Estimate in Glenwood Landing and Financing with No Money Down

There’s absolutely no risk to learn more about solar. You can get a free solar estimate in Glenwood Landing from the team at Long Island Power Solutions. The initial estimate will be followed by a detailed consultation and on-site inspection/estimate. We’ll make sure that you have all the details that you need to make an informed decision on solar. We can offer solar with no-money-down financing and an interest-free period based on your expected State and Federal tax credits.

Ready to make the switch? Start with your estimate for solar power in Glenwood Landing and see how you can make a valuable and lasting investment in your home.

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