Generac Power Cell

Emergency Power for Your Home with a Generac Power Cell

Solar power on Long Island offers you the most affordable and efficient way to power your home. It can also give you real energy independence when you pair your solar panels with a Generac Power Cell. A battery system will provide redundancy when the grid goes down, protecting your family from outages caused by network maintenance, faults, and severe weather events. The world’s largest electricity providers make extensive use of batteries to store renewable energy. You can do the same at home with Long Island Power Solutions and a Generac Power Cell (Generac PWRcell).

Huge Wind-Solar-Battery Development in Australia

If you follow the energy news, you’ll see plenty of stories covering the use of battery storage from week to week. Over the weekend, it was announced that a particularly large system was being deployed in Australia, which will eventually support up to 412MW of solar and wind equipment.

The $3 Billion project is known as Goyder South and will be one of the largest in South Australia and the world. These types of deployments are used around the world. In California where solar and wind are used extensively, there are massive battery arrays that help to improve efficiency and provide redundancy.

Utility companies rely on batteries to store excess renewable energy when production outstrips demand. Storing reserve power in batteries also ensures that utility companies can meet demand when solar and wind production is low.

If you’re interested in Long Island Solar, please call us. We will walk you through the whole process of how to become energy independent!

Battery Storage for Solar Power on Long Island

Battery backup isn’t just for utility-scale projects. You can use battery backup at home for solar power on Long Island.

  • Adding a Generac Power Cell or similar battery wall will protect your home from outages on the electricity network.
  • You can deploy electricity from your battery wall in the evenings when rates are at their highest. This will maximize the savings you get from your Long Island solar installation.
  • A battery is an excellent investment if you want to use your solar panels to charge an electric vehicle in the evenings.

Generac Power Cell is one of the most reliable options for home solar power on Long Island. Available in a range of sizes, you can perfectly pair a battery wall to suit your energy usage patterns and the number of panels on your rooftop.

Smart Apps with Your Long Island Solar Installation

When you get a Long Island solar installation with Generac Power Cell, you’ll get access to the Generac PWRview App, a convenient smartphone app that allows you to track your energy usage and generation. You’ll have a real-time understanding of how stored electricity is used, allowing you to make smarter decisions in your home to improve energy efficiency.

A battery backup system is one of the best ways to improve the value that you get from your Long Island solar installation. The team at Long Island Power Solutions can perform the entire installation, so you won’t need to deal with separate contractors. We’ll make sure that all aspects of your system are perfectly integrated, so you’ll get maximum efficiency at the most reasonable installation cost.

Get an Estimate for Solar with a Generac Power Cell

Learn more about solar with a battery backup system by starting the consultation process today. You can get your free solar estimate from Long Island Power Solutions. We’ll prepare a detailed energy savings evaluation and can even provide a detailed cost/benefit analysis so you can see the real savings available with solar and a Generac Power Cell. Make the switch with Long Island Power Solutions, the most trusted solar installer in New York.

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