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Could Algae Make Solar Panels and Battery Energy Storage Systems More Efficient?

There are constant innovations in the solar panel market. These innovations are typically focused on energy efficiency, which has a knock-on effect of improving cost efficiency. A recent innovation claims to make solar panels and battery energy storage systems more efficient. It’s one of the wilder technologies that we’ve seen recently. According to researchers in Sweden, algae could be key to making solar panels more efficient, improving the return on investment for homeowners. While solar power on Long Island won’t be making use of algae any time soon, it’s interesting to see what researchers have come up with.

Algae Shells for Solar Panels

Swedish Algae Factory is a startup that recently developed a new material called Algica. It improves the efficiency of silicon solar panels and thin film solar panels, the two most common types of panels used today.

The company has developed a method for extracting shells from algae. These shells have unique properties to aid in the manipulation of light. It makes sense, after all. Algae rely on photosynthesis to survive. Just like solar panels, they make use of the energy provided directly by the sun.

According to the company’s research, these shells could reduce UV damage to solar panel materials, increasing both the efficiency and durability of the panels. Panels could work out to be 4% – 5% cheaper when factoring in the extended lifetime provided by Algica.

The company claims that the process to extract algae shells is environmentally friendly.

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Efficient Solar Power on Long Island

You won’t be getting an algae-coated solar system any time soon. However, you can get highly efficient solar power on Long Island. Developments like the one mentioned above are exciting, but they are also unproven. For your solar power on Long Island, our team will use components from leading providers like Tesla, Panasonic, LG, and Hanwha Q Cells.

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We use microinverters when connecting efficient solar panels and battery energy storage systems. Unlike traditional inverters that are shared across the entire system, our microinverters are connected to individual panels. This ensures that no matter how much light an individual panel gets, there will be a minimal loss of electricity in the conversion for use in your home or storage on your battery wall.

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