Residential Solar Panel Installation

Your Residential Solar Panel Installation Will be Recycled in the Future

The environmental impact of solar panels has been big in the news in recent months. As more families make the switch to residential solar panel installation, questions have been raised about what happens to the panels at end-of-life. Recycling has always been an option, but the infrastructure to repurpose solar panels is currently lacking. This is changing quickly, and there have been significant developments in the United States and overseas.

Your Long Island Solar Installation Could Help Build the Next Generation of Panels

One major U.S. solar provider recently announced that they would start recycling their end-of-life panels within the next decade. Key materials like silver, silicone, aluminum, and copper will re-enter the supply chain to be used for the next generation of solar panels. Your Long Island solar installation could use several individual panels, and these will all be suitable for recycling after the expected 25 to 30 years of operational lifetime.

The demand for residential solar panel installation is growing worldwide. You’ve probably considered a Long Island solar installation to offset the cost of electricity on Long Island. Families in other nations are doing the same.

In Australia, where long sunlight hours make solar ideal, the government is offering funding to advance solar panel recycling methods.

The State of Victoria in Australia has just allocated $10 million in funding to support solar panel recycling efforts. Although it might seem small by American standards, the funds will go a long way in a state of just 6.5 million people.

The funding will support the industry to develop new recycling methods and procedures. Efforts in Australia could have a knock-on effect globally. Similar funding and other support programs are being offered in America, helping to spur a new industry of solar panel recycling.

The panels used for your Long Island solar installation will eventually produce more than 100x the electricity used to create them. Knowing that they can also be recycled makes the switch to solar a decision that you can feel good about.

If you’re interested in Long Island Solar, please call us. We will walk you through the whole process of how to become energy independent!

Choose The Right Residential Solar Panel Installation Company

Your choice of an installer for solar power on Long Island matters. At Long Island Power Solutions, we focus on efficiency to ensure the best financial and environmental returns from going solar.

We are partnered with the leading solar panel manufacturers, ensuring that the equipment on your roof is efficient for the unique conditions in New York. We design our systems to maximize output, as well as cost savings. Solar power on Long Island can dramatically reduce your electric utility bill costs. And, at the same time, solar power on Long Island will also reduce the carbon footprint of your home.

Solar panels generate a strong return on investment, even if you finance your system. We offer a 25-Year Warranty on solar panels through our SMART Solar Program.

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Going solar is easy when it’s affordable. We can offer no-money-down financing and you can enjoy an initial interest-free period based on solar tax credits.

You can get a free estimate for solar power on Long Island, based on satellite data.

We provide the most comprehensive solar power consultation, installation, and aftercare service on Long Island. Choose Long Island Power Solutions for your residential solar panel installation, and benefit from the experience of a company that has connected more than 5,000 families and businesses so far.

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