SMART Solar Company

A SMART Solar Company for Your Home on Long Island

You can save money and gain energy independence with solar power on Long Island. You’ll have the best access to innovative solutions with a smart solar company.

Long Island Power Solutions can get you connected to solar. Your utility bills will shrink, and you’ll see a return on investment develop over time. Learn what’s happening in the solar world and see why a smart solar company is the best choice for your installation.

Solar Power Systems are Getting Smarter

Solar power has become more efficient over the years. The solutions used today are also more innovative.

This is evident in recent news, particularly in how solar is used for agriculture. Out in the Midwest, farmers are incorporating solar with their crops. The practice is known as agrisolar, or agricultural solar.

Farmland has been repurposed for solar in recent years, but researchers are looking at ways to use farmland for agriculture and solar production. Some active projects include solar panels installed on top of corn crops. The panels are installed much higher than normal, allowing ample light to reach the crops. Panel arrays are spaced out so there’s no impact on growth or the harvesting process.

Farms occupy 40% of all land in America. In places like the Midwest, a lot of the land that would be suited to solar is used for agriculture. By installing solar on raised pillars, it’s possible to have both solar production and traditional agriculture on the same land. This could convince more farmers to produce solar in the coming years. It’s possible that large farms could become entirely self-sufficient.

SMART Solar Power on Long Island

Innovations allow for smart solar across the countryside. You can also get SMART solar power on Long Island, although it will mean something a little different.

SMART solar power on Long Island refers to our program that ensures your system’s value, reliability, and convenience. The SMART Solar Program is available to every customer connected with Long Island Power Solutions.

SMART solar power on Long Island includes…

  • A completely free energy savings assessment with a cost/benefit analysis.
  • Active monitoring for your Long Island solar installation.
  • Consumption monitoring through smart apps.
  • A 25 Year Warranty on your Long Island solar installation.
  • Low-penetration racking and flashing to protect your roof and your panels.
  • 24/7 Support from our team, throughout the warranty period.

The SMART Solar Program is the best way to get solar power. Long Island Power Solutions is a smart solar company that can help you to make the switch to clean energy.

If you’re interested in Long Island Solar, please call us. We will walk you through the whole process of how to become energy independent!

Get an Estimate for Your Long Island Solar Installation

Work with a smart solar company, join the SMART Solar Program, and enjoy the benefits of solar panels that save you money and reduce your carbon footprint.

We offer no-money-down financing for solar, with an initial interest-free period. The first loan is based on expected tax credits. With the recently introduced Inflation Reduction Act of 2022, you can get up to a 30% tax credit from the federal government. There are also state incentives available for solar.

Your Long Island solar installation is made simple with the Long Island Power Solutions team. You can get a free solar estimate based on satellite data. If you like what you see in the estimate, we’ll take things from there and arrange for your detailed consultation and on-site inspection.

With a smart solar company, it’s easy to go renewable.

Get An Instant Ballpark LI Solar Estimate Using Satellites!