Cost of Solar Panels in Nassau County

Would Steel Frames Affect the Cost of Solar Panels in Nassau County?

If you’re ready to get solar power on Long Island, your installation will use panels with aluminum frames. For decades, aluminum has been the material of choice for Long Island solar installations, thanks to it being lightweight and relatively affordable in the past. But with increased demand, the cost of solar panels in Nassau County and other areas could be more competitive if steel is used.

Here’s what’s potentially on the horizon for solar panel manufacturing.

Steel Could Reduce the Cost of Solar Panels in Nassau County

Increased demand for solar panels in Nassau County and the rest of the nation could shift to steel for solar panel framing. Steel is far cheaper than aluminum at this point and is also more environmentally friendly.

Steel averaged just below $1.00 per lb. last month. Compared to Almost $2.50 per lb. for aluminum. It takes more than 13 MWh to produce a ton of aluminum, compared to just 4.5 MWh for a ton of steel. Next to the actual solar cells, the aluminum used for panels is the costliest and most energy-reliant component.

In recent news coverage of this data, it was found that only one major solar panel manufacturer is using steel frames today. But with the potential savings of moving to steel, it’s likely to be necessary to move away from aluminum in the coming years.

The cost of solar panels in Nassau County has dramatically fallen in the last two decades, while the panels’ efficiency has improved. No matter which way the industry moves, you can be sure that Long Island Power Solutions will provide the most efficient and environmentally friendly options for your installation.

Delivering Solar Power on Long Island with Key Supplier Relationships

Long Island Power Solutions has built strong relationships with solar equipment manufacturers so that we can provide the best solutions for your home. Our partners include Tesla, LG, Panasonic, and Q Cells.

With our partnerships, we can engineer a solution that suits your needs. Every home is a little different, with unique requirements and goals related to clean energy. We will ensure that solar power on Long Island cannot only deliver your electricity needs but also create savings over time with a great return on investment.

With a focus on efficiency, we can keep the cost of solar panels in Nassau County affordable for the average family.

If you’re interested in Long Island Solar, please call us. We will walk you through the whole process of how to become energy independent!

Save Money with a Long Island Solar Installation

You can cut your monthly spending with a Long Island solar installation.

  • Solar can supply the energy you use during daylight hours.
  • Excess energy is exported to the grid, and your account is credited.
  • Credits under Net Metering offset the energy you use at night.

In savings, most solar systems will pay for the installation cost within the first eight years. Beyond that, you’ll enjoy a return on investment with more financial freedom and real energy independence.

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