Queens Solar Company

Which Queens Solar Company is the Best?

As you prepare to install solar panels in Queens, finding the right company will be key. Your choice of a Queens solar company will determine the quality of the installation, the overall value, and the support that you receive. You want the best solar company in Queens NY because you understand that solar is one of the best investments that you can make in your home.

Long Island Power Solutions stands above other solar installation companies in Queens with service and support that goes beyond what is typically expected. Combining value with efficiency and reliability, we are the solar company in Queens NY that will ensure the best return on your investment.

We Offer the Most Detailed Consultation

At Long Island Power Solutions, we have a simple philosophy. We strive to design, install, and maintain solar systems that deliver value and practical benefits. It starts with our free home solar estimate in Queens and our detailed consultation.

We can provide an initial estimate based on satellite data. We’ll get a good idea of how much solar your home can produce and how efficient the system would be. If the data stacks up and you’re happy to move forward with our solar company in Queens NY, we’ll come to your home for a site assessment. From here we’ll be able to provide a more detailed solar estimate based on the condition and position of your roof, any surrounding shade structures, and any other important details identified by our solar engineers.

More than just letting you know about solar production; we’ll use our advanced software modeling to provide you with an accurate cost/benefit analysis. You’ll know how the solar installation would look in terms of the initial investment, repayment, and money saved on your bill.

With the right data, you can make a smarter decision with confidence knowing that solar will work for you. We provide the information. You make the choice.

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Experience Matters When Comparing Solar Companies

Experience means a lot when it comes to solar installation and maintenance. Our company is locally based, and we’ve installed more than 5,000 systems to date. We understand the unique conditions in Long Island and New York City and design our systems based on these. With an in-depth understanding of home and particularly rooftop construction methods, we can ensure that our systems are built to last.

We offer one of the most competitive warranties and support packages when compared to other solar installation companies in Queens. Solar panels are covered by a 25-Year Warranty, and we provide active monitoring and support/service when you need it. Generally, Queens solar is extremely reliable, especially when compared to the grid. With battery backup, you can even keep the lights on when the grid goes down.

How Much is Solar Installation in Queens NY?

Solar reduces your bills with your utility provider and can generate a return over time. Most systems will pay for themselves in savings in the first eight to ten years. Before you get started with planning, you’ll want to know: how much is a solar installation in Queens NY?

Each system is different so pricing will be customized for your needs. It depends on how many solar panels are installed, whether you need any work done on your roof, and if you decide to get battery backup.

We provide free home solar estimates in Queens. You can get a price for your unique scenario from our experts.

Start with Your Free Home Solar Estimate in Queens

You can get your free home solar estimate in queens today. We are the leading solar company in queens NY offering flexible financing with no money down. Talk to the best Queens solar company, find out how solar would work for you, and look ahead to a greener future with lower energy bills for your home.

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