Install Solar Panels in Huntington NY

Install Solar Panels in Huntington NY with the Best Solar Company

If you want to install solar panels in Huntington NY, you need to find a company that has the right expertise, outstanding service, and fair prices. Long Island Power Solutions is one of the leading Huntington solar companies and the best choice when you want a customized approach that is focused on your needs rather than the bottom line.

Looking for companies that install solar panels in Huntington NY? Find out how our service stands out from the rest.

Get a Free Home Solar Estimate

Solar provides a host of benefits ranging from efficiency to cost savings. With a battery backup system, the best Huntington solar companies can even get you set up to avoid blackouts, forever.

You can get a free home solar estimate in Huntington NY from Long Island Power Solutions. The cost of solar in Huntington NY is one of the first things that homeowners consider. Our estimate will look at the location of your home and the surrounding shade to determine how much solar you could produce and how much you could potentially save with a system installed.

Your free home solar estimate in Huntington NY will give you an indicator of whether solar is right for your needs. If you like the figures, you can move ahead with a detailed energy evaluation and on-site survey for a more accurate estimate.

NYSERDA Approved Huntington Solar Companies

Not all Huntington solar companies are NYSERDA approved. The New York State Energy Research and Development Authority approves only the Huntington solar companies that meet strict criteria for quality and compliance. Long Island Power Solutions is NYSERDA approved, giving you access to more affordable solar with a direct incentive from NYSERDA that is taken off the top of your bill.

The result is a more affordable solar installation with one of the best Huntington solar companies today.

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Financing to Install Solar Panels in Huntington NY

When looking for Huntington NY Solar companies that can help you to get affordable solar, consider the fact that financing won’t always look the same. Long Island Power Solutions is trusted by locals seeking Huntington NY solar companies that offer flexible financing.

We can split our financing into two loans to make things simpler and more accessible.

  • The initial loan is based on your expected tax rebates and special incentives, which are sometimes worth as much as 50% of the solar installation. This loan is interest-free, and we have no money down financing for approved buyers.
  • The second loan covers the balance. It’s offered at a low rate over a fixed term, so there are no surprises.

We work with the best banks and specialist lenders to help you install solar panels in Huntington NY.

What to Look for When Comparing Huntington NY Solar Companies for an Installation

The market for Huntington NY solar companies is competitive and you’ll find no shortage of businesses looking to sign you up. As you compare the different Huntington NY solar companies available, consider a few key points…

  • The right company for you is the one that carefully evaluates your needs and clearly tells you the value that a solar installation would offer.
  • The cost of solar in Huntington NY can be offset by savings. The best companies will offer a detailed projection of solar generation and real savings.
  • Pushy sales pitches are often a warning sign. Even though solar is undoubtedly a valuable investment, the initial cost of solar is significant. You should never feel pressured.

At Long Island Power Solutions, we have developed the SMART Solar Program to help manage the cost of solar in Huntington NY. We provide a detailed cost/benefit analysis based on your real electricity usage. We can predict solar production for your home within a range of +/- ten percent. You’ll know exactly how much you could save, how long it would take for the system to break even, and the return that you can generate over time.

We aren’t interested in pushy sales practices. We want our customers to love the decisions they go with. We provide the information. You make the choice.

Get an Estimate for the Installation Cost of Solar in Huntington NY

The cost of solar in Huntington NY is easily managed when you choose Long Island Power Solutions. With our flexible financing with no money down, you can enjoy the efficiency and affordability of solar. We cover our solar panels with a 25-Year Warranty for your peace of mind and provide long-term support to ensure your system provides the value that you expect.

If you want to install solar panels in Huntington NY, there’s one company that stands above the rest. Get your free ballpark estimate today and talk to our solar consultants to begin your energy evaluation.

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