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Now is the time to get involved in Solar Power.  Tax incentives are in place making Solar Energy a wise and economical decision.

Long Island Power Solutions offers PV Solar systems with no money out of pocket.

A PV Solar system can virtually eliminate or at least drastically reduce your PSEG bill. This becomes more valuable every year as rates and taxes go nowhere but up, with no relief in sight. Its about control.  In life, there are many things we can’t control. For example, the price of fuel, taxes and other necessary expenses.  PV solar allows you to gain control of your electric bill.  No longer are you beholden to higher electric costs. Long Island Power Solutions has come up with a way to install a Solar System in your home with NO OUT OF POCKET cost.

“Over 25 years, a 3 kilowatt PV system in NY will eliminate 80 tons of carbon dioxide; 824 pounds of sulfur dioxide; and 307 pounds of nitrogen oxides.”                          

Source: Renewable Energy Long Island

“A 5.2 kilowatt solar system installed on a typical Long Island home saves the equivalent of 276,000 miles of pollution caused by driving a car.”                                                           

 Source: Renewable Energy Long Island

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Thanks for all your help with our Solar Energy. We got a large rebate from LIPA and a Huge tax credit!! We are very happy thanks again!

– Laura Conroy

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