FREE Energy Audits
Where are YOU losing money?

In this economic environment, you can’t afford to waste money. A free energy audit from Long Island Power Solutions will uncover the mysteries of your high energy costs.

We are totally independent and completely unbiased.

We check everything:

  • Insulation and draft issues
  • Electric usage including phantom loads
  • HVAC system, filters and thermostats
  • Plumbing and pipe insulation
  • Attic cooling
  • Hot/cold rooms and air flow
  • Appliance efficiency

It’s not only about saving money, we also check for health and safety issues.

  • HVAC ducts, filters and humidifier
  • Electric service, panel and AC outlets
  • Mold
  • Co2 detector
  • Chimney

Complete audit includes all. ($250 fee paid by NYSERDA) We will give you a report on what needs to be done, work with you to complete the upgrades that you choose and help
you apply for the LIPA rebates and tax credits.

YES!! I want to save money on my energy costs.


free energy audit


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free energy audit